Develop a beauty channel Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Develop a beauty channel Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Many successful beauty and fashion channels adopt existing strategies and formats, but often the most successful take a unique approach to their subject that allows them to stand out from the crowd.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

Why should you be aware of the different fashion/beauty video formats?

Because you might be able to increase viewership by creating videos in different formats that appeal to the bulk of fashion/beauty viewers.

Because creating videos in one of those formats will increase audience retention.

Because you can get more subscribers by creating videos they’re familiar with.

Because you can more easily create merchandise.

What should you communicate in your videos above all else?

The price of your makeup and beauty essentials.

The length of time it takes to put on your makeup.

Your true, authentic self.

The time it takes you in post-production to create your videos.

What would be most helpful to include in your thumbnail to drive viewers to click on your videos?

The video’s title.

The “before” shot.

All of the products you use in the video.

A picture of the finished look.

All of these are key elements of your channel branding except:

Your channel banner.

Your YouTube Analytics.

Your channel trailer.

Your channel icon.

Knowing the trends in fashion and beauty is one strategy for creating videos on YouTube. Where can you look to find out what’s popular?

Google Trends.

To your audience.

To what’s popular on social media.

All of the above.

True or false, it’s easy to plan for videos that cover tent-pole, cultural events.



How can you effectively cross-promote a collaboration on your fashion/beauty channel?

Email your subscribers to let them know about the video.

Make complementary videos on both channels and use cards to link to both.

Make one video and promote on one of the collaborators’ channels.

Check YouTube Analytics.

What’s an easy ways to take viewers to your next video?


Links in the description.


All of the above.

Playlists on your channel are sets of videos organized by:



YouTube Analytics.

Your viewers.

When you’re on-the-go, what can you use to manage your comments?

YouTube Analytics.

Your desktop.

YouTube Studio app.

Your watch page.

Interacting with your audience can be a great way to build your community. What’s a tried and true way to make your audience feel like they’re an important part of your channel?

Add important personal statistics in your channel About section.

Start a vlogging channel so they can get to know you.

Ask them questions that they can respond to in the comments.

Encourage your community to make their own YouTube videos.

What type of channels should you avoid collaborating with?

Other fashion/beauty channels.

All gaming channels.

Channels where you’re unable to make a common or sincere connection.

Channels where you could be perceived as competition.

Where could you advertise updated information about your channel?

In your channel description.

In your trailer video.

In your channel banner.

All of the above.

What report in YouTube Analytics can you use to see how well your cards are performing?

Your Demographics report.

Your Cards report.

Your Audience retention report.

Your Subscribers report.

What strategy could you use to easily encourage viewers to watch more via social media?

Write effective video descriptions.

Shoot many different types of fashion/beauty videos.

Ask your audience questions and have them respond in the comments.

Post to social media links to a video from within a playlist.

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Develop a beauty channel Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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