Create great content Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Create great content Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Ready to grow and sustain a loyal audience on YouTube? Start with a creative foundation and strong, workable ideas.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

Imagine you’re going to start a music channel. How could you make sure your channel is interactive?

Ask your viewers what their favorite bands are and create playlists based off of their answers.

Challenge your audience to create their own music videos and share them with you.

Record live performances and interview fans in attendance.

All of the above.

What are some of the best ways to make it seem like you're having a conversation with your audience?

Interview your friends and family onscreen.

Look directly into the camera and lecture to it. Don't change the camera angle.

Say hello, goodbye, and/or thanks to your fans in every video.

Every now and then have a conversation with your neighbor and film it for your channel.

Why is it important for each of your videos to work as a stand-alone piece?

If a video cannot stand alone, it will always have low watch time.

Viewers might see your video because a friend shared it with them.

Viewers don’t typically watch more than one video in a series.

If a video cannot stand alone, a viewer may leave if they don’t understand the full context.

Which of these tactics could make your video more shareable?

Develop a video about a hot topic -- something culturally relevant at the time.

Create an emotional response (such as making viewers laugh).

Feature an awesome guest star whom your viewers love.

All of the above.

Which of the following topics would probably be considered relevant to many viewers?

A local sporting event.

How-to videos.

Videos of your mom's cat.

Livestreaming while you’re washing the dishes.

What’s a good guideline to be more sustainable on your channel?

Focus on upload quantity, not quality.

Focus on upload quantity, not quality.

Invest in a studio and hire help immediately.

Produce videos that take less time and labor.

Rachel has a channel about the best burrito food-trucks and she’s thinking about doing a collaboration. What should she look for in a potential collaborator?

A cooking channel that showcases a variety of cuisine.

A food channel that focuses on delicious, hole-in-the-wall places to eat.

A food review channel on fine dining.

A channel on planes, trains and automobiles.

You have a full-time job and a great idea for a show that you’d like experiment with on YouTube. Your friend, visiting from out of the country, offered to help you film and produce your first video so he could test out his new equipment. What question should you consider before taking this opportunity?

None! This is a great opportunity that I can’t pass up since my filming and post-production skills are limited.

Should I ask my friend if he wants to help me produce and edit more videos?

If this video is successful, will I be able to complete the series with the same editing and production quality? Is this a sustainable technique?

Should I give my friend credit in the video?

You’re about to launch your show idea. How many of the 10 fundamentals can help you?


Less than half of them.

At least half of them.

All of them.

Whether you aim for a niche or broad audience is an example of which fundamental?




Being conversational.

What’s an example of making your channel more interactive?

Record several videos on the same day.

Make sure your concept can be boiled down to one sentence.

Communicate your upload schedule in your channel banner.

Pose a question that you want your audience to answer in the comments.

Being a YouTube creator doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor. Once you’ve established a regular programming strategy and are creating great videos, it might be a great time to consider collaborating with another creator. What is one way you might collaborate with another creator?

Create a video with another creator who is also popular with your audience.

Have another creator script your next video in a new style to surprise your audience.

Choose a creator at random and give them a shout out in your next video so they will reciprocate.

Find a music creator so all of your videos can include original music.

When is the best time to reach out to a creator that you would like to collaborate with on your next video?

As soon as you identify the creator because it may take a while for them to respond.

Very, very early in the process, even before you have fully flushed out your idea.

At the point where you feel your idea is fully baked and you’ve identified a creator that not only shares your audience but that fits in with the idea.

Once you have completed a rough cut of your video so they can easily see where you would plug in the joint footage.

Eustace and Emily have just created what they feel is the best collaboration video ever. They are eager to share it with their viewers. What are two ways they can encourage the other’s viewers to check out the other channel?

Use cards and links in the description to link back to each channel.

Use twitter and a special hashtag to help viewers find both channels.

Make sure to say the name of each channel at least three times during the video.

Use the autosubscribe feature to automatically subscribe viewers to both channels.

Eustace and Emily are so happy with their collaboration and are already seeing viewers subscribe to both channels. What is one thing they can each do to keep engaging their new audiences?

Upload more frequently in the four weeks following the collaboration.

“Like” videos from other similar creators to keep the feed as active as possible.

Stay engaged through comments and be sure to feature their best videos or playlists in their sections.

Plan at least two more collaboration videos because it takes at least three to maximize joint subscriptions.

There are many different things to consider when deciding to collaborate on a video with another channel. What is a primary question you should ask a potential creator you’re thinking about collaborating with?

How big is your subscriber base?

What are your weaknesses?

How much money do you make per video?

What is the primary demographic of your channel?

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Create great content Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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