Chrome Enterprise and SMB Deployment Credential Answers

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Chrome Enterprise and SMB Deployment Credential Answers

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Select the correct response to the customer's question: Why is it so important to enroll Chrome devices?

  • Devices will not power on until they have been enrolled.
  • If Chrome devices are not enrolled, multi-device sign-in access will be disabled which can cause challenges for enterprises.
  • If Chrome devices are not enrolled, policies cannot be applied and/or enforced.
  • Without Chrome device enrollment, you will no longer be eligible for Google Chrome Partner Services.


An enterprise customer with 30,000 employees would like to set up their Chrome devices to print to both local and network printers. What is the recommended printing method for the enterprise?

  • Chrome Native Printing
  • Google Cloud Print
  • Digital Printing System
  • Chrome Print


An IT admin wants to ensure that even if a device is lost or stolen and completely wiped, the device will still have the customers’ policies and security settings in-place, and make the device unusable. What device policy should they enable?

  • Sign-in restriction
  • Guest mode
  • Disabled device return instructions
  • Forced re-enrollment


If an IT admin changes a policy in an organizational unit, what happens?

  • The users will receive a notice of the policy change and must accept.
  • The help desk is immediately notified of the policy change.
  • The sub-organizations will remain the same after the policy change.
  • The sub-organizations will immediately inherit the policy change.


A financial institution wants to restrict private browsing in Chrome. What user policy prevents users from opening incognito windows?

  • Prevent incognito mode
  • Prevent browser mode
  • Disallow private mode
  • Disallow incognito mode


Where do IT admins access the Google Admin console to manage user and device policies?


A customer's accounting department has different application requirements than the marketing department. What organizational unit structure should you suggest?

  • Create one organizational unit for all employees in the region.
  • Create separate organizational units for accounting and marketing.
  • Organizational units are not necessary for this customer.
  • Create one organizational unit that includes accounting and marketing.


To maintain device security and safety, a customer wants only registered employees to use company owned Chrome devices. What device policy settings should be considered?

  • Disabled Device Return Instructions; Move to Beta Channel
  • Do Not Allow Guest Mode; Restrict Sign-in to a List of Users
  • Do Not Allow Guest Mode; Move to Beta Channel
  • Do Not Allow Proxy Mode; Restrict Sign-in to a List of Users


A car retailer wants to use Chrome hardware for digital signage across thousands of locations. What's the ideal organizational unit structure for this scenario?

  • Create a separate organizational unit for each employee.
  • Combine the organizational units with the department and signage.
  • Create a separate organizational unit for digital signage.
  • Combine the organizational units with the employees and signage.


What should a customer do to ensure that all managed Chrome devices can access a Wi-Fi network at the sign-in screen?

  • Set up one wireless network for each department at the group level.
  • Set up at least one device level wireless network.
  • Set up at least one wireless network for devices at the user level.
  • Set up multiple wireless networks at the user level.


An IT admin wants to allow a group of users to reset passwords for users that are not administrators. What admin role should the IT admin assign?

  • Reseller Admin
  • Chrome Admin
  • Help Desk Admin
  • Services Admin


Successful deployments include establishing internal support teams. What internal support teams should be established by the customer?

  • Application support, services support, and hardware support.
  • Executive support, device support, and Chrome operating system support.
  • Help desk team, marketing team support, and engineering team support.
  • End user support, IT management support, and hardware support.


A customer has limited IT staff and time, and wants to receive Chrome devices that are ready to use out of the box. What Chrome device enrollment option should you recommend?

  • Chrome device manual enrollment
  • Google's approved partner service offerings
  • Google Chrome Partner Services
  • Update Chrome OS on the Chrome device


A customer has 500 Chrome devices. What should the customer use to push network configurations to the Chrome devices during the enrollment process?

  • Google Admin console
  • Chrome console
  • Chrome Device Wi-Fi settings
  • G Suite console


Select the correct response to the customer's question: ""We are starting the Chrome Enterprise rollout. What trainings should the team start with?""

  • Users should complete the Google Certified IT Administrator Pathways and Badges.
  • Train the IT staff on Chrome OS and the Google Admin console.
  • Engage a Google Chrome partner to set up the Google Admin console.
  • No training is necessary, simply use the Google Admin Help Center.


Select the correct response to the customer's question: "Why is domain verification required?"

  • To ensure a domain is not being used for a Google service without permission.
  • To transfer ownership of the enterprise data to Google IT admins.
  • To transfer a domain to Google and allow Google to manage it.
  • To purchase the Google Chrome Enterprise upgrade and begin using it.


A customer wants to enroll a Chrome device and has followed the prompts to connect to a Wi-Fi network and completed the user agreement. On the Google account login screen, what do they need to do next?

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+E and sign in using a Google account with enrollment permissions.
  • Ensure the acceptance of the user agreement then click "Start enterprise enrollment."
  • Return to the WiFi network screen and press Ctrl+Alt+E to start the enterprise enrollment process.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+C to enable Google support teams to guide them through the process.


If a customer is using an LDAP server, what tool can synchronize user data to the Google domain?

  • Google Cloud Directory Sync
  • Google Cloud User Sync
  • Google Admin Directory Sync
  • Google Cloud Migrate Data


A customer's marketing department wants the entire team to have access to the YouTube app. How can their IT team ensure this happens?

  • Set Chrome policies to force-install the app and pin it to the Chrome taskbar.
  • Ask the Super Admin to set up an organizational unit for the Google Dictionary extension.
  • Contact Google support and submit a ticket to install the app across the organizational unit.
  • Set Chrome policies to prompt users to install the Chrome app with instructions.


When can Chrome Enterprise customers access Google escalation engineers when more in-depth support is required?

  • Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm PST
  • Monday-Friday, 6am-11pm PST
  • 12 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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Chrome Enterprise and SMB Deployment Credential Answers

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