Building an educational channel on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Building an educational channel on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

Do you need to be an expert on a topic to make a video about it on YouTube?

No, there’s plenty of fake stuff out there, so why not make something up?

Yes, only experts or creators who have a degree in a subject should make videos about it.

No, many creators are not experts on the topics they discuss in their videos, but they talk to experts and do research to ensure accuracy.

Yes, YouTube only allows certified individuals to make videos about certain topics on YouTube.

Collaboration with an educational channel is one way to see if learning videos resonate with your audience.



Why is niche content so effective on YouTube?

Niche content is a way to reach viewers who are searching for very specific educational information.

Producing niche content lends itself to interesting collaborations across channels.

YouTube audiences are curious and tend to search for a wide spectrum of information.

All of the above.

Playlists are one way to help viewers find a series of videos that go together. How else can you communicate to your audience that there is more than one video in your curriculum?

Use cards, end screens, or a verbal call to action in your video.

Use cards and YouTube Analytics.

Use Google Trends and YouTube Analytics.

Use a verbal call to action and heart the comments.

By enabling community contributions, channels can:

Ask their audience to contribute localized subtitles.

Reach a global audience.

Increase the number of languages their videos could be watched in.

All of the above.

Where are the best places you could communicate your upload schedule on your channel?

In your channel banner, your channel description, and your video scripts.

In your thumbnails and video titles.

In your captions and subtitles.

In a playlist.

Videos in which no one speaks can have global appeal.



Should you plan videos around seasonal events?

Yes, viewers search for specific topics on an annual basis and making videos around what’s trending can help your channel be found.

No, there is no seasonality in education.

How can you ensure your videos don’t sound like you’re reading from a script?

Writing a script isn’t necessary so just don’t use one.

Rehearse and improvise in parts where you know the material well.

Use a teleprompter.

Only film the sections you can remember.

Where can you look to see how long your audience watches each of your videos for?

Google Analytics.

Google Trends.

YouTube Analytics.

Google Search.

Why is it important to hook your audience from the very beginning of your video?

Videos that keep viewers’ attention from the very beginning can benefit from more frequent discovery in search results.

Videos that keep viewers’ attention from the very beginning always get shared, liked, and subscribed to more.

Videos that keep viewers’ attention from the very beginning are ranked higher in Google Trends.

There is no benefit to keeping viewers’ attention from the very beginning.

Who should you collaborate with on your educational channel?

Channels similar in content to yours.

Channels in a different genre from yours.

Channels where you can be the expert.

All of the above.

Can any channel turn ads on?

No, you must have over 10k lifetime views on your channel first.

No, you must have over 100k subscribers on your channel first.

Yes, anyone can turn ads on their channel.

Yes, but you must have uploaded at least 5 videos first.

Live events on YouTube are a great way to boost engagement on your channel. If you schedule one ahead of time, it will be promoted on your channel automatically.



George would like to try crowdfunding to sustain his educational channel. This works best if he has a:

Dedicated audience.

Brand sponsorship.

Cute channel icon.

Business degree.

More info about the certification:

More info of other products in:

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Building an educational channel on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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