Building a global channel Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Building a global channel Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Share your stories with a global audience. Channels geared towards worldwide audiences often see an uplift in key metrics like watch time and subscribers. You can increase accessibility of new and existing videos with platform tools that translate and transcribe them. Additionally, certain types of videos tend to be more relevant to all audiences. Learn strategies to boost the visibility of your channel to audiences around the world.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some questions:

Antoine is interested in making his videos as accessible as possible to those who speak his native French language, but also to others who speak Russian and German. What can Antoine do to determine if this approach will increase his viewership in these markets?

Add closed captions to his videos first in English; then add Russian and German cards for other language speakers.

Caption his videos in French and see how his channel performs for French-speaking viewers, then determine the appropriate method to subtitle the videos in Russian and German.

Rely on Google Translate to create the optimal closed captions for his videos; then subtitles won’t be needed.

Hire a German and Russian speaker to do a professional voiceover for his videos; then turn on automatic captions.

Why is it beneficial to add closed captions and subtitles to your videos?

Not everyone can hear the words spoken on-screen.

Not everyone speaks the same language as you.

Subtitles can provide extra metadata for YouTube’s search engine.

All of the above.

How can YouTube Analytics help you decide whether you should add translated subtitles to your videos?

YouTube Analytics can show me if people in my hometown are watching my videos.

YouTube Analytics can show me which other countries think my channel is funny.

YouTube Analytics can show me where in the world traffic to my channel comes from.

YouTube Analytics can show me whom I should ask to translate my subtitles.

Translated titles and descriptions are indexed in search results.



When implementing translation tools, like subtitles or translated titles and descriptions, you should expect to see immediate success and massive channel growth overnight.



Community contributions are a way you can scale translations of your video titles, descriptions, captions, and subtitles.



How much does it cost to enable community contributions?

Up to $1 per video.

$5 (USD) per minute of video.

It depends on the language.

Community contributions are free!

Community contributions work well for many channels but you may not find they work well if:

Your audience speaks many different languages.

You are just starting out on YouTube and don’t have a large subscriber base.

Your audience is asking for subtitles in many languages.

You have a loyal, tight-knit audience.

To help promote community contributions, YouTube automatically:

Adds a note to your channel banner letting audiences know that your channel is accepting submissions for community contributions.

Indicates which playlists have videos available for community contributions on your channel page.

May serve a card to viewers who speak the same language as your video and another language to encourage them to contribute.

Alerts your subscribers with a bell notification that your channel has videos which need translations.

In terms of global video formats, why do language agnostic videos work well for audiences who don’t speak the same language as you?

Language agnostic videos never use words.

Language agnostic videos contain content that is relatable enough that spoken words are not necessary.

Language agnostic videos usually contain universal themes.

Language agnostic videos are always culturally-specific.

What type of video format can be both language agnostic and universal?

Music videos.

International news.



Hanna is from Australia. She wants to create a video based on her travels through Asia. Which video idea may not be a good fit?

A collaboration with a local Asian creator.

A language agnostic ASMR video.

A segment on life in North America.

A cross-cultural video reporting on fashion trending in Asia.

Which strategy is more important when building a global audience?

Producing formats of videos that are language agnostic.

Adding translated subtitles in countries where you have high watch time.

Enabling community contributions.

They're all important strategies when building a global channel.

What video format can still be understood even if the person doesn’t speak the same language as the creator?

Videos with captions in the language spoken in the video.

Culturally-relevant videos.

Language agnostic videos.

All of the above.

Success is guaranteed overnight when you utilize translation tools on YouTube.



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Building a global channel Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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