Build a business on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Build a business on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Want to turn your channel into a thriving business? We’ve taken the best of what we’ve learned from creators and the businesses, brands, and companies top creators have worked with to get you started with turning your successful YouTube channel into a business.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some questions:

Understanding basic business can help you decide where to focus your efforts.



In the sample business framework, this question reflects your revenue stream:

How much will you make?

What will it cost?

What do you need?

How do you do it?

What factors may affect the type of business entity you choose?

Your business focus.

Staffing requirements.

Potential partnerships.

All of the above.

Building patterns can help your audience remember you and your channel.



What is a recommended way to stand out as a brand?

Be universal.

Be practical.

Be silent.

Be different.

How can you get started with your brand vision?

Define your values and purpose.

Set your long-term financial targets.

Replicate what other brands have done.

Just concentrate on making videos.

A key point when scaling your business is to free up time to do the things you love most.



What is a recommended way to look for people to hire?


Industry events.

Job boards.

All of the above.

How can you use social media tools to be more efficient?

Schedule appointments with key partners.

Manage multiple social media accounts from one site.

Filter your email to remove spam.

Streamline billing and invoicing.

If you’re offered a chance to speak with anyone in the media, you should never turn it down, because it’s free publicity.



Which of these is NOT an item that’s suggested for your press kit?

Your personal biography.

Key facts about your channel.

Your photograph.

List of questions that are forbidden.

How can you adapt your story for a specific media outlet?

Tailor your messages for the format and audience.

Ask the reporter what would be most controversial.

Just wing it. It’s impossible to prepare for every interview.

Don’t veer from your script. It’s best to say the same things.


What are actions you can take to make a plan to reach your goals?

Select key areas you want to focus on.

Determine how you will measure success for each goal.

Prioritize your goals.

All of the above.

Why should you be selective about who you accept an interview with?

To ensure your channel stays in good standing on YouTube.

To ensure you can convey your opinion.

To ensure you’ll get along with the reporter.

To ensure you can communicate your key messages and brand.

What could you do if the conversation goes off-topic in an interview?

Address the new topic and don’t go back to the original topic.

Address the new topic but then return to the previous one to make your point

Refuse to discuss the new topic and instead turn the conversation back to the previous topic.

Illustrate the answer with a story.

Should you have a position on how you want to be portrayed in an interview?

No, that's the reporter's job.

No, you can always ask them not to make the interview public if it doesn't go well.

Yes, you should tell them exactly how you want to be portrayed by the audience.

Yes, you should give them an idea of how you want to be portrayed in the interview.

Why should you carefully consider who to hire as a manager?

Because they will (hopefully) work with you over a long period of time.

Because they will negotiate contracts on your behalf.

Because they know everyone in the industry.

Because they typically specialize in one type of business opportunity.

Which is NOT a common scenario that signals it may be time to hire help?

When you’ve found your voice and are regularly producing videos.

When you want to take yourself out of the negotiation or business process.

When you want to start making money.

When the business side of your brand has grown too time-consuming and prevents you from developing videos the way you want to.

Which is not true about a lawyer?

They can work in any location.

They can negotiate and review contracts on your behalf.

They can charge by the hour.

They can work on commission.

What framework contains all the necessary elements for a pitch?

Introduction, big idea, why, status, the ask.

Introduction, why, status.

Introduction, status, the ask.

Introduction, the ask, call to action.

Your channel has started to gain traction and you feel that you have found your niche. You believe that running ads for your channel on YouTube might be the right way to ignite growth for your channel. What tool allows you to run a paid ad campaign on YouTube?

YouTube Ad Placer

AdVideo for YouTube

Paid cards for YouTube

AdWords for Video

You have a lot of views on your videos, but few subscribers. What is one tool you can use to target those viewers?

Email campaigns.

Video remarketing.

Targeted twitter campaigns.


What targeting option would you use to reach viewers by age and gender?





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Build a business on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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