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Brand deals Answers - Youtube creator Academy

Working with brands can be an alternative revenue stream for YouTube creators and an opportunity to introduce new products and services to their audience. Learn strategies for how to find and reach out to brands that your audience will love and what to do once you’ve been hired.

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Some questions:

Brand deals are usually mutually beneficial.



Smaller, niche channels often have an easier time finding brands to partner with because:

There are fewer channels in the space.

They have a dedicated audience who loves their stuff.

There may be less competition.

All of the above.

How can you make it easy for your audience to support branded content on your channel?

Ask them what kind of brands or products they’d like to see you partner with.

Announce a brand partnership in your channel trailer.

Put a brand’s logo in your channel banner.

Partner with your favorite brand - your audience will be sure to like it.

Juanita has a surf video channel and has partnered with several brands. Sarah has a cooking channel and is looking for information about brand deals. Is it a good idea for Sarah to reach out to Juanita about her experience with partnering with brands, even though her channel is not about surf videos?

No, because they have different audiences.

No, because they cover different topics on our channels.

Yes, any insights from others in their network can be useful.

Yes, because she could start producing surf videos instead of cooking videos in order to get approached by brands.

Which of the following is true about brand integrations:

Brand integrations should usually be seamless.

Brand integrations should be noticeable.

Brand integrations need a verbal call out for the product.

Brand integrations don’t require the product or service sponsored to be used in the video at all.

Which pricing model pays you a set amount of money per view of your video?

Cost per video.

Tiering cost per view.

Cost per view.

Flat rate.

What should you research about a brand before reaching out to them or agreeing to a partnership?

Other channels they’ve worked with.

What their brand values are.

Products and services they offer.

All of the above.

What should you avoid doing when communicating to a brand that you’re willing to go above and beyond for a partnership?

Send the contact at the brand a holiday gift.

Offer to surface the video you plan to produce on social media several times.

Note innovative ways that you could use their product or service.

Show creators similar to your channel who have partnered with brands that are similar to their brand and how their audience has responded.

What should you ask for from the brand before creating a pitch?

What their audience demographics and expectations are.

What talking points you should hit (and anything you should avoid).

What content they will give you for free.

All of the above.

What type of creator should consider affiliate links as their main source of brand partnerships?

Creators with over 1,000 subscribers.

Creators in the gaming vertical.

Creators who have been on the platform over a year.

Creators just starting out.

What does YouTube require you to do if your video contains branded content?

Put the video in a playlist titled, “branded content”.

YouTube doesn’t require you to do anything if your video contains branded content.

Announce this in the first 10 seconds of your video.

Tick the “content declaration” box.

What details do brands care about when it comes to branded content placement?

How long the brand integration will be.

When the brand integration will be.

What other topics will be discussed in your video.

All of the above.

The video deadline should be a negotiation between the brand and your timeline.



What might a brand want to know about the video after you’ve posted it?

What comments are related to the brand.

How many views the video received.

Where you posted it and how those posts performed.

All of the above.

What should you do if things are not going as expected and your deadline needs to be moved?

Let the brand know as soon as possible.

Don’t do anything and just send it late.

Rush through and send them what you have, even if it’s not great.

Cancel the contract.

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Brand deals Answers - Youtube creator Academy

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