Before your shoot Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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Before your shoot Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Turn your ideas into great videos by borrowing strategies that filmmakers use like creating scripts, schedules, storyboards and more. Learn why these tools can benefit shoots big or smal

The language of the answers are in English.

Some questions:

What’s a simple, all-in-one camera that’s great for vlogging?



Pro Grade.

Super Chip.

The sun can be an excellent source of natural light.



How can you approach equipment if you’re new to video making and on a budget?

Get the most expensive equipment right away.

Don’t make videos until you save more money.

Buy a camera but no mic, since sound is less important.

Practice with what you have and improve over time.

If you have an established channel, where can you learn more about your audience?

YouTube Analytics ”Build an audience” demographics.

YouTube Trending videos.

YouTube playlists.

YouTube Preferred Lineups.

It’s always best to have a detailed script before recording.



What’s a potential benefit of rehearsing your video shoot?

You can adjust the dialogue to improve delivery.

You can work out any technical challenges.

You can be prepared with characters or crew.

All of the above.

What’s a good guideline when establishing your visual look?

Never wear the same shirt more than once.

Study viral videos to see what works.

Be true to yourself and your brand.

Spend the most money to make a splash.

Cindy will do a remote, outdoor shoot for her upcoming video. What does she need to consider?




All of the above.

What can you do before your shoot to minimize delays?

Charge your camera batteries.

Drink a lot of coffee.

Decide on your video title.

Unpack your equipment.


What are successful creators' top considerations before they even begin to write a script?

Budget, target audience, production style, and how much they love the concept.

Budget, YouTube Analytics, your passion for the topic, and the equipment you plan to use.

The equipment they plan to use, their budget, software for scriptwriting, and ability to draw.

Budget, target audience, the reliability of their computer, and artistic ability.

Mariah is a new creator on YouTube. She has many ideas for videos but when it comes time to actually discuss them, she can’t remember her former moments of brilliance. What can you suggest to Mariah?

She should record a short video the moment she has the idea.

She should write her idea down; any piece of paper will do.

She should immediately call her friend, who is also her producer.

She should comment about the new idea on her most recent video.

You have a really awesome idea for a new video, however shooting on Jupiter is out of the question. You have enlisted some friends for help. Which idea below makes the most sense when you are working on a limited budget?

Scout the country for the optimal location that looks the most like Jupiter and shoot there.

Hire a movie set and create the necessary backdrops to simulate your vision of Jupiter.

Get creative and see if you can turn your backyard into a perfect Jupiter.

Give up and choose a more realistic location, like the mall.

Ling’s view count and subscriber count is steadily rising. She wants to make sure she is creating videos that will be interesting to the audience she has gained. Where would she look to understand the makeup of her viewers?

Demographics report.

Views report.

Traffic sources report.

Audience retention report.

Geraldine is streamlining her production process and has heard several people talk about storyboards. She isn’t sure what this is. How would you define “storyboard” to Geraldine?

A time-coded script of her planned video.

A visual representation of her creative ideas.

A sheet listing all cast and crew.

A slide show of her ideal video location.

Storyboarding your ideas can be extremely helpful for maintaining _______________________.

Consistency and efficiency when shooting.

Your budget and visual style on set.

Consistency and a reliable crew.

Watch time and your subscriber count.

Renata is creating her first storyboard. She is quite frustrated because she isn’t a natural artist. One of her friends advised her to use stick figures instead of trying to create a close rendering of her actors and sets. Based on your understanding of storyboards, is this good advice?



What are the primary benefits of creating a script?

Provide actors with dialogue, offer direction for shooting and give guidance to the crew.

Provide actors with dialogue, create a blueprint for the video and help construct a production budget.

Offer direction for shooting, determine crew requirements and detail shot locations.

Give guidance to the crew, provide the actors with dialogue and define the necessary budget.

Lucrezia has a phenomenal idea. She is eager to get it on paper in the form of a script, but can’t seem to translate the idea to words on paper. What has Lucrezia encountered?

Storyboard fatigue.

Writer’s block.

Over confidence.

Creator’s rut.

Sofia has been speaking with friends in the theater industry. She is discussing her most recent script and they advise her to divide her script into scenes and acts. How many acts does the typical script include?





Monica has a new channel. She has been working day and night to make her new channel a success. She has asked Andres, a more established creator, for advice. What would be the best advice he could share with Monica?

Keep up the pace! It will pay off in the next year.

Make a plan by setting goals and deadlines to keep her organized.

Slow down; her fans will understand that she has a life too.

Invest money early in a crew; it will help her share the workload.

Planning is important when making videos. What can help you stay on track?

Create a posting or uploading schedule to stay on track.

Use a script and storyboard.

Create a calendar or schedule.

All of the above.

You’re researching a potential location for your shoot. What can you do to prepare for production?

Check noise levels so you can capture high-quality audio.

Scout only at times when nobody else will be around.

Instead of going there, just preview it on Google Maps.

Make sure there’s a coffee shop nearby.

How can a storyboard be useful for your crew?

Provide a spreadsheet to tally their expenses.

Communicate key details for composing the scenes.

Document the equipment and technical specifications.

Show them exactly how to do their jobs.

You’ve found another creator with whom you’d like to work. What approach can you try?

Offer to help with their videos.

Then ask if they can return the favor. Email them weekly until they agree to a collab.

Have them sign a contract before sharing any ideas.

Exaggerate your audience size to get their attention.

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Before your shoot Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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