After your shoot Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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After your shoot Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

Get expert tips for selecting your editing tools and editing your videos like a pro. Also, find out how adding music and sound effects can further engage your audience.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

How much money do you need to spend on editing tools?

You can start with free software and upgrade later.

Try setting aside 20% of your monthly ad revenue.

A good rule of thumb is to spend $1500 US up-front.

Simply ask a friend if you can use their computer.

How can the Audience Retention report help you evaluate your past editing?

Spikes can mean viewers are commenting on your editing technique.

Dips can mean that viewers skip those parts or leave your video.

A flat line can indicate the video performs the same as all others.

A gradual decline can mean that viewers lost interest right away.

In a typical editing workflow, what’s the first step?

Import and organize your footage.

Review and place your favorite clips.

Add visuals and sound effects.

Make color corrections.

Sarah heard a song that she likes and decides to add a clip to her video. What should she check before uploading?

The artist’s website to see what merchandise may be available for sale.

The song’s copyright information to see what permission may be required.

The music charts to see whether the song is popular in her country.

The artist’s tour schedule to see if she can watch them perform live.

You cannot monetize any videos that have music added to them.



You watch a rough cut of your video and one song doesn’t seem to fit a pivotal scene. What can you do?

See if you can find another song to swap in that better suits the scene’s emotions.

Just remove the song because it’s probably too much trouble to edit your video again.

Upload the rough cut and then ask your Community to vote on what song you should use.

Contact the songwriters and ask them to rewrite the lyrics so they relate to your story.

Kelly has a limited budget and wants to add dimension to her videos. What would you suggest?

License a top artist’s hit song and use it as the soundtrack.

Hire a visual effects team to create 3D imagery.

Add some free sound effects to enhance key moments.

Build a new studio with all the latest equipment.

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After your shoot Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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