Adsense Multiple Customer Management exam answers

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Adsense Multiple Customer Management exam answers

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

The MCM tool is only available to Certified Publishing Partners.



Advertisers who use Google AdWords can only place ads on Google owned and operated properties.



What is the difference between a standard user vs adminstrator account access level?

A standard user can give account access or change another user’s access level.

A standard user can’t see the “user management” page, which displays the users who have access to an account.

A standard user can can view, edit, and manage any part of an account.

A publisher was having trouble implementing their ad code and placed the ad within an iFrame. Is this implementation permitted by Google’s Adsense policy?



Which of the following is a requirement for AdSense publishers to get paid? Select all that apply.

Their earnings need to have been validated for accuracy by Google.

Their earnings need to have reached the payment threshold.

They need to be in compliance with AdSense policies.

There need to be no holds on their account.

What is full management mode?

Only new ad units created by the child publisher are automatically managed by you.

New and pre-existing ad units created by the child publisher are automatically managed by you.

There is no full management mode.

Only pre-existing ad units created by the child publisher are automatically managed by you.

A publisher whose site contains a lot of user-generated content would like to ensure they don’t violate the AdSense content policies. Which of the following would NOT be an effective solution?

Disable ad serving until post is reviewed.

Enabling their users to report possible abuse by adding a “Report violations” link to every post.

Use Captcha verification to prevent automated posts.

Place the AdSense code only on content created by themselves, by their own staff or by users they can trust.

Develop a keyword filtering system to monitor the content.

Do nothing, as publishers are not responsible for monitoring the user-generated content on their site.

A publisher’s AdSense account reached the payment threshold at 1st February. When will they get paid?

Before the end of April.

Before the end of February.

The first week of March.

Before the end of March.

CPM is an AdSense-only term used to report publishers’ impression-based revenue and RPM is an industry-wide term that refers to impression-based bids from advertisers.



ABC is partially managing publisher A’s Adsense account under partial management. What steps can ABC take to manage publishers A’s newly created ad units?

Access to publisher A’s account and visit the My ads rab to find list of managed and unmanaged ad units. Select the tickbox next to unmanaged, select Actions and then select Manage.

Send publisher A a new publisher invitation.

Go to the Admin tab, under Manage accounts, select the publisher name and change the Management mode.

When a publisher visits his own sports news site, he notices that the ads unit sizes he has selected for his homepage don’t really fit the style of his website. What can he do?

He can create custom-sized ad units, where he can specify the width and height of the ad that he wants to appear on his page.

There’s nothing he can do. You can only use the given ad sizes that are in Adsense UI.

He can change the Adsense synchronous code implementation.

Users with access to my Analytics account will not have access to my AdSense account.



Which one of the following products is NOT an option for monetization with the AdSense MCM tool?

AdSense for Video

AdSense for Search

AdSense For Content

AdSense for Games

A publisher wants to add a blocking rule across one of their domains but first he/she must add the site under Site Management. Which URL format will the publisher use to ensure that the blocking rule is applied to the entire domain?

Google AdSense publishers are not allowed to use Google AdWords to increase their site traffic.



Which of the below is an online marketplace where buyers can purchase inventory from multiple participating sellers and publishers can manage multiple buyers to get the highest yield at scale?

DoubleClick Ad Manager

Google AdSense

Google AdWords

DoubleClick for Publishers (Ad Manager) Small Business

What is NOT the reason for AdSense earning deduction?

Clicks from other country

Invalid clicks

Spam traffic

Which one of the following is an option for a managed publisher to remove the Channel Partner as an account Manager in their AdSense UI?

Under Settings > Payments

Under Settings > Account > Account Information

Under Settings > Access and Authorization > User Management

Under Settings > Access and Authorization > Third Party Access

Which of the following Google products can be served through Dynamic Allocation? Select all that apply.




How many standard users and administrators can an AdSense account have?




10 users, 5 administrators

You can’t integrate one Adsense property with multiple Analytics web properties.



You can use ads to target by keywords.

No, AdSense only targets ads based on overall site content, not keywords or categories.

Yes, you can do this if you select the option in the Adsense UI.

What is partial management mode?

It means that new or pre-existing ad units created are not managed by default.

Only pre-existing ad units created by the child publisher are automatically managed by you.

There is no partial management mode.

Only new ad units created by the child publisher are automatically managed by you.

Which of the following Ad Manager SB terms describes the process of setting up and managing ad campaigns by creating orders, line items and creatives and targeting them?






How should a publisher best react when they receive a policy notification asking them to make changes to their site?

Immediately remove the AdSense ad code from the site.Immediately remove the AdSense ad code from the site.

Immediately take the example URL down.

Carefully read the notification and make the required changes to make the site compliant.

Ad Manager forecasting is designed to help publishers sell all of their inventory while avoiding overselling.



Which of the following does NOT violate the AdSense ad implementation policies?

An arrow pointing to the ads.

A label “Sponsored Links” placed above the ads.

The phrase “Help keep this site running, check out our sponsors” placed next to the ads.

Ads placed in a pop-up window.

What happens if you don’t define the revenue share for a publisher?

25% goes to the publisher.

100% goes to the Channel Partner.

100% goes to the publisher.

Advertisers that use Google AdWords can bid for ad placements using which of the following metrics? Select all that apply.

Active View (CPM)

Cost Per Engagement (CPE)

Cost per Day (CPD)

Cost per Click (CPC)

Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM)

A publisher has all the below options for blocking ads through the AdSense interface except _________.

they can block ad networks

they can block general ad categories

they can block sensitive categories

they can block specific advertiser URLs

they can block ads from certain countries

Select the options which enable the managed publisher to view the revenue share in the AdSense UI

Under Settings > Access and Authorization > Third Party Access

Via the Performance Reports tab.

Under Settings > Account > Account Information

Via the My Ads tab

In Dynamic allocation, AdSense/Ad Manager compete with all line item types.



A publisher is trying to keep their users happy while maximizing their revenue. Which of the following does NOT agree with user experience guidelines?

Employ a clear structure to guide users.

Focus on your users’ goals.

Tailor your experience to your users’ situation.

Give users as many options as possible.

Ensure that users know what action to take on your site.

Turn casual visitors into loyal users.

When creating ad units, which ad type should publishers choose to maximize revenue and why?

“Display Only” because this allows for rich media ads as well as images, which will bring in maximum revenue.

“Text Only” because those have the highest click-through-rates.

“Text and Display” because this creates the most competition in the ad auction and generates maximum revenue.

With Dynamic Allocation, which of the following line items is served?

AdSense (Priority 12) with $7 CPM

Standard line item (Priority10) with $6.50 temporary CPM

Which of the following is an acceptable modification to the AdSense code?

Placing Google ads in a “floating box” in which ads scroll, hover, or expand over the webpage.

Hiding an unit if it is a responsive ad unit.

Adding irrelevant keywords (hidden or visible) to alter the targeting of the ads.

Using IFRAMEs with keywords to alter the content or language of the ads.

A publisher is looking for ways to increase their revenue. Which of the following is NOT an action they should consider?

Put ads into iFrame to prevent ads slowing down content loading.

Use bigger ad formats.

Opt in to text and display ads.

Place the more ads unit up to 3 per page.

Identify the best placements for their ad units.

In Dynamic allocation, Ad Manager selects the best line item that can serve to the impression by comparing their CPCs.



The revenue share you set will be applied to the 68% of the revenue that remains.



A publisher has determined that most of their users come to their site to read specific articles that they found through a search engine. Which approach would maximize the publisher’s revenue while keeping users happy?

Show only a snippet of the main article and include links to related articles above it to prove to the user that there’s other valuable content on their site.

Include some related or popular articles at the bottom of each article.

Split the content into 5 pages, to have more page views.

Avoid including links to related articles to allow the user to focus on the article they chose to read.

The MCM tool does NOT enable revenue sharing.



You have to enable AdSense backfill when you create ad units, in order to use dynamic allocation.



Google is not serving ads for a publisher on certain web pages of her website. The publisher suspects that it is to due to the Adsense crawler. What is the best course of action?

Check if the site is under “Owned sites” within the Site Management tab.

Contact her Google account manager.

Check your site’s robots.txt and see if the Adsense crawler has been disallowed.

Why would a publisher want to setup Custom Channels in their AdSense account? Select all that apply.

To turn the custom channels into targetable ad placements.

To make their inventory more visible to advertisers.

To track custom groups of ad units.

You can enable revenue sharing on a product level. (e.g. Adsense for Content vs Adsense Games)



In a certain day, if there are 3 line items, 1) Sponsorship A: 50% of impressions 2) Sponsorship B: 30% 3) Standard C: 500 impressions and 1000 adpapisk impressions are requested, how many impressions are served by Standard C?







AdSense competes only with line item type of network, bulk, price priority or house.



Which frequency cap is the optimal number for each user if the average user sees 50 impressions per day and the publisher uses 10 ad networks?





Which of the following can you NOT use to specify as a backup ad?


Ad server




The site management feature allows you to build a list of sites to use in site-related actions, such as setting up site-level blocking rules.



A publisher runs a site focused on finding housing options for adult professionals. This publisher is considering blocking the entire “real estate” category to avoid advertising for any competitors. How might this action affect the publisher’s revenue?

Revenue will most likely decrease.

Revenue will most likely increase.

A publisher has installed the Google Publisher Toolbar on their site and would like to “test click” on ad overlays. Will these clicks be counted towards ad spam?

Yes, the publisher should avoid test clicking on ad overlays.

No, click testing is a feature provided to publishers and is not counted towards ad spam.

The Google Publisher Toolbar provides a more detailed view of ads on a site as well as controls to block an ad, a URL or an ad network, or report a problem with an ad.



To run a new campaign through Ad Manager SB, you will first need to create a(an) _________.






A publisher has a text ads only leaderboard on top of a page and a text ads only small square within the content of that page. The small square ad unit has higher CTR, but the leaderboard has better CPCs. Is there anything the publisher can do to increase their earnings? Select all that apply.

Yes, the publisher should opt in Image ads to both of ad units.

Yes, the publisher should make sure the medium rectangle ad unit comes first in their HTML code.

Yes, the publisher should change small square ad unit into large rectangle ad unit.

A publisher wants to increase the number of users that become loyal and return to the site regularly. Which of the following would NOT help them achieve this goal?

Create a section that links users to popular content on the same subject to drive more engagement.

Constantly provide new, high-quality content and showcase it on their top landing pages.

Give users the option to subscribe to their email list for updates and/or a newsletter.

Prohibit users from viewing the site’s full content unless they visit the site at regular intervals.

Make it easy for users to connect with them via social networks and then push out their most popular content to drive return visits.

The invitation email sent to publishers is available in all Adsense languages.



ABC manages several publishers. ABC wants to check what ad units for a particular publisher are under their control. Which one of the following sections in the UI where ABC can check this information?

Admin Tab, under Manage accounts

My Ads tab

Home tab

It is commonly seen that wider ad sizes tend to outperform their taller counterparts, due to their reader-friendly format.



Which one of the following is NOT an option for sending an invitation to publishers?

Invitation link that you can create and just send to your Google AM as proof.

Invitation email

Invitation link that you can access through the Adsense UI.

Which one of the following is NOT option for accessing a child publisher’s account?

Via the Account invitations tab.

Via the Adsense Management API.

Via the Adsense UI by clicking on your email address and seeing the list of accounts.

Via Admin tab, by clicking on the publisher name.

Above-the-fold ads that are placed at the very top of the page have a higher viewability rate than those placed just below the top navigation bar.



Which of following line item type(s) is(are) served before competing with AdSense/Ad Manager?

Sponsorship and Standard




One of the most important optimizations a publisher can do is to have at least one ad unit above the fold.



Which one of the following is NOT a requirement when publisher accepts the invitation?

Publisher needs to have the Admin user role

Publisher needs to write an email to Google approving the invitation

Publisher needs to be logged into the AdSense UI

The MCM tools lets you have more control than the publishers themselves.



The MCM tools allows only the publisher to remove the Partner and it doesn’t enable for the Partner to remove the publisher



In a certain day, if there are 3 line items, 1) Sponsorship A: 50% of impressions 2) Standard B: 100 impressions 3) AdSense: Backfill and 500 ad impressions are requested, how many impressions are served by AdSense?







Provided it does not hurt the user experience, a publisher can increase their revenue by adding a 160x600 ad unit instead of a 300x600 ad unit on their site.



Channel Partner, ABC, can learn about policy information when on the Manage account tab. If ABC sees a blue circle next to the publishers’ name, what does this mean?

It is a general alert.

It is an urgent alert.

It means that the account has no alerts.

Which one of the following is NOT a status that you can track once an invitation is sent?






Which of following Ad Manager Small Business ‘target window options’ will enable ads open in new window?





Which of following statement about Ad Manager is NOT true?

Lower number of priority is higher priority in ad selection.

Google also employs an automated malware checker that continuously scans all third-party creatives running through the network.

If sum of percentages from same priority line item is more than 100%, Ad Manager will serve the ads in the correct proportion to each other.

If apply ‘Frontloaded’ to the line item goal, Ad Manager delivers only ‘frontloaded’ line item for first half of period.

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