360-degree video and virtual reality on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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360-degree video and virtual reality on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy


360-degree video and virtual reality are changing how audiences can experience video. This course will get you acquainted with this new technology, help you decide whether producing videos in 360 is right for your channel and offer some tips to get started.

The language of the answers are in English.

Some Questions:

What type of video requires a viewing device or head-mounted display to watch?

A music video.

A 360 video.

A virtual reality video.

A documentary.

Virtual reality can make you feel like you’re immersed in the video.



What’s the difference between monoscopic and stereoscopic depth?

The number of different images displayed when you look through a viewer for VR or 360 video--in monoscopic two identical images are displayed and in stereoscopic there are two slightly different images.

The number of speakers you hear out of when watching VR and 360 videos--in monoscopic there is one and stereoscopic there are two.

The number of directions you’re able to move your head in when you watch a 360 or VR video.

The number of minutes you’re expected to watch a VR or 360 video for.

It’s a good idea to set up your shot with some space between the camera and the scene because:

Being too close to the action could give your audience motion sickness or make them feel uncomfortable.

Your audience will have a better view.

Your audience could be inspired to explore more of the scene than just where the action is taking place.

All of the above.

What is virtual reality?

All 360-degree videos are considered to be virtual reality even if you watch them from a monoscopic perspective.

All 360-degree videos you watch horizontally on YouTube are considered virtual reality.

Only 360-degree videos that you watch with Google Cardboard are considered virtual reality.

Videos shot in 360-degrees which require a headset to view are considered virtual reality.

What is not an effective way to let your audience know that a video can be viewed in 360-degrees?

Put “360” in the title.

Add instructions for viewing in the description.

Verbally let your audience know at the beginning of the video.

Add an end-card that explains how to watch it.

Where does the audience sit in a 360-degree video?

They sit in the middle of the scene.

They sit in stage left.

They sit far away from the scene and must find it.

They sit along the side of the screen.

How can you work around stitch lines when shooting in 360-degrees?

See if you can blend them into a pattern.

Try to have actors walk across them.

Just use one lens.

Put objects you want your audience to explore close to the camera and where the stitch lines occur.

What Google product offers a simple way to experience VR content from a mobile device?

Google Translate.

Google Chromecast.

Google Allo.

Google Cardboard.

For 360-degree shoots, what is a suggested technique for moving the camera?

Accelerate quickly to stir your audience.

Move in a straight line with no rotation.

Pan and tilt to eliminate stitch lines.

Stay within six inches of the floor.

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360-degree video and virtual reality on YouTube Answers - Youtube Creator Academy

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